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A scientific animation movie about human place in the universe and the biodiversity.


Our Worth


Proposing a new point of view of the human place in the nature, this artistical work is made to spark the interest of the youngest to science.

The goal of this film is multiple: to raise awareness for ecological problems and to inform about handicap with the dubbing for deaf people. Moreover, we want to awe the public with amazing facts of life, as well as beautiful images

The synthetical 3D images will amaze the youngest and the elder for the nature’s wonders thanks to the modern technology as well as providing a great quality knowledge support.separateur

Human in the universe


Lost in the Universe on a tiny planet they are inhabiting since few time, Humans are not more than a leaf within the billions counted in the tree of life. Less fast, powerful or able than most of the other species, they managed to subsist only by appropriating their environment resources. Through the evolution, they learned to host and symbiotically live with numerous species, which became necessary for their survivorship. Unable to overcome this dependency, whether for clothes, food or health, they nevertheless conquered the world. But at what cost? separateur



Citizen science are growing, and people’s interest for ecological problematics is growing too. We never experienced such a trend for ecology. That is why  Franck Courchamp (researcher in Paris university) and Clément Morin (motion designer) propose to web users to involve by funding a scientific film.

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