Here is a brief description of the fantastic rewards you will receive for your donation. 

We know that you don’t do it for that – after all, it’s not called a donation for nothing, but read below and you’ll want it all!


Exclusive Images

Thanks to your gift, you will have the possibility to see exclusively, before all the world, small pieces of scenes before they are even finished (vine format or six seconds of happiness), or even scenes which won’t even make it to the final version! You will also have the possibility of watching the making of a film, directed by one of our partners Maxon, to discover the fascinating creation of this masterpiece. And finally, you will have the right to access the film on your own screen, before it is released to public, and even before the pre-screening. Like a pre pre-screening! And this access is granted regardless the amount you give. All the more reason to give more, no? What do you mean it doesn’t make sense?


Autographed movie poster

afficheYou will receive the movie poster of superb quality, professionally printed (at the Université Paris Sud), and signed by the writers. And also extremely beautiful as it is designed by Clément Morin, the king of design. And if there aren’t too many of you, Franck Courchamp may also add his own little hand drawing, just to show one of his many talents that could have also allowed him to be the motion designer of this film. Or not.

But in any case, this will be a collector’s item that you can either hang above your bed to worship daily or sell for a lot of money on eBay.


Crazy post-it block

TetrisRelive the intense emotions of Tetris with this block of evil post-its. The most perceptive of you will quickly notice that it is a puzzle made of 8 different forms of repositioned notes (made of 100 pieces of paper) with neon colors on a recycled cardboard box. Imagine the time it took the authors to assemble one by one all of these pages and successfully make them all fit perfectly into the box. Well, that’s actually not true, but you can imagine it anyways.

Oh, and this box will be royally decorated with the magnificent logo from Insignificant. Once we have designed a logo that is…


A flash drive shaped like a credit card

CléUSBThe two most important objects for humanity made into one: a credit card and a flash drive. Well, let’s make it clear, you can’t buy anything with this. But you can put it with other cards and keep it on you at all times. And of course you can show off with an original USB card, eliciting both envy and admiration.

The flash drive comes equipped with 2G capacity and will be filled with goodies: the full movie link, sneak previews from each of the 9 chapters, unedited scenes… not to mention it will be decorated with the logo of Insignificant, making it even cooler.


Solar powered charger

Hook2How to be eco-friendly without returning to caveman times? Keep your smartphone or tablet, and use solar power to charge it. This way you can watch Insignificant on repeat on your favorite iThing without ever having to stop. Well obviously, except at night.

The Hook solar charger has a magical carabiner (magical in the sense that it’s not visible). Lithium battery 1100mAh. Plastic ABS. 9,0 x 6,0 x 2,3 cm – In a recycled box. And of course with the logo for Insignificant, for a very significant charger. separateur

Washed-out canvas bag

sacochesNow, you’ll really have the style of a Jack Bauer with this vintage looking canvas bag.

Equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, buckles and zippers with a copper finish. Containing an inside pocket. Capacity: 7 litres, but we don’t recommend putting liquids in it directly. Dimensions : 25x32x9 cm. Yes, sorry that’s the metric system. I reckon it’s about 7895.1236 gallons of capacity and dimensions of 0.3 yards by 41 inches by 0.00002 leagues, but I’m not so got at those conversions.

It will be offered at the movie premiere, with the signed poster, the flash drive (full of goodies!) and the solar powered charger. What more could you want? Choice of color? Let’s not get carried away here.


Invitation to the movie premiere

ConfDonations of certain levels open new doors: an invitation to the pre-screening of the film, in an actual movie theatre, with a real 3D smellsoundstuff (or something modern and cool-sounding)! But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there. After nine times 3 minutes of happiness, the glorious donors will have the immense pleasure of attending a question/answer session with the writer of the film (Franck Courchamp), the motion-designer (Clément Morin) and several scientists who have contributed to the film. You can ask not only questions about the 3D animation, but also ecology, astrophysics, paleontology and genetics.

And when you are all thirsty, there will be a cocktail party to follow, for another opportunity to mingle and ask the creators any weird questions you may still have.


Visits to the lab and the studio

And finally, the cherry on top, you will have the possibility to visit the creators in their places of work: the research lab, at l’Université Paris Sud on the beautiful Orsay campus, or the creation studio, on a barge on the Seine in Paris. If you live far away, please note that travel is under your charge. Well if you live nearby too for that matter. A visit to the lab is much better than one to the studio, because there you will be taken care of by a botanist, an entomologist and an ornithologist for three tours to discover the plants, insects and birds of our region. If after that you still want to visit the studio, the solution is simple: opt for the Universal Pack and visit both.