A nine-part video, each of the 3-minutes parts observing the Humanity from a unusual point of view.

Human existence seems derisory compared to the surrounding wonders.
In this short animation, science questions the place of humans in this infinity-sized theater.

Through nine views, Insignificant looks at the humanity under magnifying glasses and puts the spectator in a world where man has never  been the centre.

partie1Human live in a limited part of the universe.

partie2Humans just appeared in the last heartbeat .

partie3Humans are lost in a
multitude of species.

partie4Human is not the
dominating species.

partie5Humans are inferior to
most species

partie6Humans are not the
only intelligent species.

partie7Human depends upon
other species.

partie8Human is not even
fully human.

partie9Yet, human
achieved a lot


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